Community Organization Partners

FLI started its Community Organization Partner Initiative to provide local organizations and businesses a way to directly plug into the FLI network. Students have worked with numerous Community Organization Partners and gone on to volunteer, intern and receive awards all in the name of supporting their work. Some students have raised thousands of dollars for causes and organizations throughout the world, including:

  • Over $8,000.00 for Beads for Life
  • Over $10,000 for Vital Life Services
  • Over $4,000 for the Baby Elmo Project

To learn more please visit our Volunteer page and join our list of partner organizations, businesses, projects & programs:

Mission Cultural Center, Global Fund for Women, East Oakland Youth Development Center, Youth Uprising, Red Cross, HEPPA, East Oakland Faith Deliverance Center, The California Cancer Center, UCSF Medical Center, The Princess Project, KIPP Middle School Sports Program, Alpha Pregnancy Center, Seton Medical Clinic, ChildVoice International, The Youth Law Center, Baby Elmo Foundation, Franklin Elementary School, Center for Early Intervention Deafness, Harding Elementary School, Dreamcatcher Homeless Shelter for Teens, Kids with Cameras, Wardrobe for Opportunity, Youth Movement Records, Youth Advisory Council, American Diabetics Association, Washington Elementary School, Rock Paper Scissors Collective, Edna Brewer Middle School, Global Exchange, Vital Life Services, Save the Music, Constitutional Rights Foundation, Don Vosco Center in Mongolia, The Bay Area Writing Project